Šitum Građevinarstvo d.o.o. is a company specialised in production, rental and service of new and used construction formwork.

We have been manufacturing aluminium and iron formwork DokMax for over 20 years at our manufacturing plant at Cista Provo in Dalmatian hinterland. DokMax formwork are 100% compatible with Doka Framax and Doka ALU Framax systems.

Rental and service of construction formwork make a significant portion of our business, which means that builders can rent DokMax and DokMax Alu formwork for their projects or ask for professional service of damaged formwork.

Šitum Građevinarstvo is also a Croatian representative for formwork panels METSA WOOD, Kaufmann yellow plates 21 and 27 mm and beams – braces H2O that are currently the best product on EU market.

Due to increased interest for Šitum formwork outside of Dalmatia, the company opened a branch in Zagreb at the beginning of 2019., with the goal of expanding the business to North Croatia also.

Šitum Građevinarstvo is a company that is the holder of the key building certificates, and the quality of our products has been confirmed by many satisfied customers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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Why Šitum formwork?

We are representatives for formwork panels in Croatia:

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The quality of our products has been confirmed by many satisfied customers in Croatia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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