Formowork Rental

Oplate Šitum allows rental of alu and iron formwork to builders at affordable prices on a monthly basis.

What can you rent?

  • DOkMax alu and iron formwork
  • TopTec alu and TopTec classic

Oplate Šitum secured delivery for purchase and rent of construction equipment anywhere in Croatia. Delivery is FREE for larger orders.

Find out more about conditions and prices of formwork and equipment rental on

Service of formwork

Oplate Šitum has many years of experience in servicing damaged formwork that we wash and clean using high pressure pump (1000 bar).

What does the process of servicing the formwork look like?

  • removing old panels
  • washing formwork frames
  • welding and correcting formwork frames
  • tailoring new plates
  • installation of new plates

Recommended service frequency for formwork is every 10 years.

Servis Oplate 1


Buying a new formwork?

Bring your worn-out and useless construction formwork and we will reduce your account for purchase of new DokMax and DokMax Alu formwork.


Delivery of formwork in Croatia!

Šitum Građevinarstvo ensures delivery for purchase and rental of formwork anywhere in Croatia.

For all our loyal customers, we provide domestic and foreign transportation services with our own trucks and professional drivers.

Delivery is FREE for larger orders.

Make an appointment today or request the offer for desired services.

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